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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

transportation engineering

Getting people from Point A to Point B is a fundamental need within civilization. As modes of transportation have evolved and with today's hectic pace, these facilities are increasingly important not only for commerce, but for recreation as well. These critical infrastructure pieces serve as the backbone of a community and must be easily accessible, reliable and easy to navigate. From roadways to pedestrian and other multi-use paths, Bell employs engineers and certified planners with experience in a variety of transportation related projects.

Transportation engineering at Bell involves specifying, designing, constructing and maintaining transportation infrastructure. We can help you with the development, design and construction of your next transportation project.

Providing a safe, well maintained pedestrian accessible network is a challenge for nearly all communities. Bell understands how to provide these connections while managing existing and proposed utilities, easements, right-of-way, on-street parking needs, landscaping and funding requirements. We have worked throughout the state and with multiple funding sources to help communities implement new and replacement sidewalks.

multi-use trail systems
The health benefits of adding bikeways and trails to a community are almost too numerous to list. In this day of high obesity, diabetes and heart disease rates, these facilities can greatly improve the overall well-being of your community. Our team of planners, landscape architects and engineers have assisted communities all over to plan, design and implement bikeways and trails including walking paths in neighborhood parks, multi-use bikeway/ped trails and regional rail-to-trail plans. Bell Engineering is prequalified by the Kentucky State Transportation Cabinet in Pedestrian & Bicycle Facility and Design.

Local transportation networks and facility access are key components in any community and are critical to projects. Bell Engineering provides the expertise to plan, design and construct these assets as standalone projects or as an integrated part of a larger concept. From the design of the first concrete streets in Lexington, KY in the 1920's to the use of pervious pavement in today's designs, Bell continues to implement state-of-the-art street and roadway construction techniques.

Bell Engineering is prequalified by the Kentucky State Transportation Cabinet in Rural & Urban Roadway Design. Our team has provided design and engineering services for new industrial, commercial and residential roads along with redesign projects. Redesigns have included roadway widening, reconstructions, realignments and urban revitalization. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to take a design from concept to construction including proper alignment and drainage to serve our client's required needs.

rail systems
Railroad access is an important factor when developing or upgrading industrial park sites. Access to a rail system can aid communities in attracting certain types of industry, which in turn creates jobs for the area and region. Developers typically negotiate with the servicing railway to install a switch and turn-out to a development; however, design of the rail siding is the responsibility of the developer or community. Bell Engineering assists clients with the development and design of the rail siding including grade, alignment and related accessories to meet the servicing railways' specifications along with the guidance of the American Railway Engineers Standard Specifications. Additionally, our team can assist with inspection of rail siding projects.