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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

stormwater system engineering

Bell Engineering's experience with stormwater management began long before most cities were even regulating stormwater flow. Through stormwater management plans, stormwater studies, flood studies and conveyance system analysis, Bell can help you evaluate your stormwater management techniques and needs. We provide technical support to agencies to help develop stormwater regulations and review development plans. Our staff has reviewed hundreds of stormwater management plans evaluating compliance and technical aspects. Bell is well-versed in currently acceptable stormwater management practices and can help you meet the rigorous changes being implemented today while preparing for those of tomorrow as well.

storm sewers
Storm sewer systems generally go unnoticed by the general population until a heavy rain inundates streets and sidewalks and threatens property. Out of necessity, many early cities were developed near the outfalls of drainage areas, such as along a river or creek. Storm drainage was put into place to accommodate early development, but as cities grew and impervious areas spread, stormwater runoff increased. This increase in flow combined with the aging storm sewer systems is causing many communities to have localized flooding and other drainage issues. Due to the large pipe sizes and other construction issues, stormwater rehabilitation efforts can be extremely costly. Our staff have helped numerous clients with projects that offered cost effective solutions for reconstructing storm sewer systems and other remedies to divert flows. Through design and construction experience, Bell can model a watershed, size needed improvements and develop logical projects to effectively manage your storm sewer needs.

stormwater detention/retention
With the growth of a community comes an increase in impervious surfaces that leads to less absorption and more runoff. As engineers, we cannot control the weather, but we can help position your community to minimize the effects. By building storage, the rate that stormwater runoff leaves a property can be controlled to the predevelopment rate preventing back-ups and flooding further downstream. Storage can come in many forms, including open basins, underground storage or roof top storage. Bell has designed many projects utilizing these and other methods. We work with our clients to create projects that combine the needed storage with other beneficial features to maximize the dollars spent. This can include underground storage below a parking lot, landscape area or park to decrease a project's footprint or water quality control measures such as the use of pervious pavements which serve to filter out pollutants.

drainage master plans
Aging infrastructure and undersized storage basins are two of the main causes for stormwater related flooding and water quality degradation in our communities. Identifying practical and beneficial solutions for stormwater management can be achieved through the development and implementation of a Stormwater Master Plan. Bell has the proven ability to survey, model, analyze, and make knowledgeable recommendations to solve your stormwater quantity and quality needs.

watershed analysis/modeling
Watershed analysis and the modeling of storm events is a rapidly growing tool available to assist engineers with understanding stormwater flow throughout a system. While modeling has been used for many years, the technology behind it has improved greatly. When working on a stormwater management project, Bell has access to many different modeling programs to analyze piping, channels and other waterways. These programs include EPA SWMM, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, Innovyze InfoWorks CS, SedCad and StormCad to name a few. Additionally, analysis no longer ends with just theoretical modeling. Our staff performs field data collection to calibrate models to actual field conditions. With a functioning model, the outcome of different improvements can be simulated and adjustments made to the project on the front end. When used correctly, these tools increase the level of design confidence before anything is constructed, saving both time and money.

ms4 programs
In the ever-evolving world of stormwater management, the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems(MS4) Program can be one of the most dynamic and demanding tasks to be added to your municipal workload in the past 15 years. Our planners and professional engineers can assist your community with all aspects of planning and implementing your MS4 program from writing new development ordinances, to public outreach, to mapping, modeling and monitoring your stormwater system to keep you in compliance with all new regulations.

green infrastructure
Bio-infiltration, bio-swales, retention ponds, green roofs, constructed wetlands and stream restoration are just some of the tools available to assist your community with improving water quality. Unfortunately, knowing when and where to implement these techniques can be problematic and challenging. Our team of professional engineers and landscape architects work with you to identify the most appropriate and cost effective approach to solve your specific issue. We will help you create a realistic and easily implemented plan for your stormwater management needs.