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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

landscape architecture & planning

Landscape architecture binds the built world to the natural environment through thoughtful consideration of space, use, need and sustainability. Bell's Landscape Architecture Department specializes in creating functional spaces that connect, inspire and grow with the desires of each client. We work on both large and small scale projects, ensuring that the design elements flow through each project area creating a unified vision.

With access to current technology, our staff can easily help you take your idea from concept to reality. As with all projects, Bell considers functionality and maintenance to be top priorities in projects of this nature. Bell Engineering offers a full range of landscape architecture and planning capabilities to our clients.

master planning
Developing a vision and establishing strategies for your community can be a complicated process. At Bell Engineering, our landscape architects and planners are experienced in assisting communities with preparing Master Plans for all types of municipal projects. Our team focuses on building community support, using sound design methodologies and creating feasible implementation schedules.

urban design
From downtown plazas to central business district redevelopment to downtown housing, Bell can assist your community with high quality urban design plans that will serve to strengthen your community's urban core.

parks & recreation
Parks and recreation areas are the backbone for all communities striving to provide a high quality of life to its residents and visitors. Bell can guide your community with all aspects of parks and recreation development from master planning to funding, design and implementation. We have the experience to assist you with projects as small as a playground or those as large as regional multisport athletic complexes.

Nothing brings a community together like team sports. Our staff has the experience to assist your town or school with all outdoor athletic venues including football, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse and track and field. We are well versed in the new synthetic turfs and rubberized tracks that are providing 24/7, all-weather, multifunctional playing surfaces for facilities that have limited resources. In addition, we can also facilitate a variety of natural surface field options that will meet your needs.

Many of our downtowns have struggled over the last thirty years to keep pace with new developments appearing away from the urban core. Bell can assist you with the redevelopment of your downtown. An updated streetscape that accentuates your downtown's best assets can provide a new platform for your community to reengage your downtown businesses.

multi-use trail systems
The health benefits of adding bikeways and trails to a community are almost too numerous to list. In this day of high obesity, diabetes and heart disease rates, these facilities can greatly improve the overall well-being of your community. Our team of planners, landscape architects and engineers have assisted communities all over plan, design and implement bikeways and trails including walking paths in neighborhood parks, multi-use bikeway/ped trails and regional rail-to-trail plans. Bell Engineering is prequalified by the Kentucky State Transportation Cabinet in Pedestrian & Bicycle Facility and Design.

stormwater management
The Clean Water Act has greatly improved the quality of our streams, rivers and lakes over the past 40 years by focusing on reducing point source pollution. However, as we move forward, efforts are shifting to non-point source pollution such as stormwater runoff from developed areas. Bell has been assisting communities with stormwater issues as they relate to water quantity control for years and we are a leader in the state when it comes to improving water quality at wastewater treatment plants. Our strengths in this area lie in our ability to assist you with MS4 requirements, water quality modeling, the design of stormwater treatment facilities and stormwater monitoring. Our staff is familiar with current technologies which can help you reduce the amount of stormwater runoff through increased filtration and detention systems which also include water quality control measures.

green infrastructure
Bio-infiltration, bio-swales, retention ponds, green roofs, constructed wetlands and stream restoration are just some of the tools available to assist your community with improving water quality. Unfortunately, knowing when and where to implement these techniques can be problematic and challenging. Our team of professional engineers and landscape architects work with you to identify the most appropriate and cost effective approach to solve your specific issue and will help you create a realistic and easily implemented plan for your stormwater management needs.

site development
If you are looking to redevelop or develop an underutilized industrial parcel or building the next great neighborhood in your community, our staff of planners, landscape architects and professional engineers can assist you with all of your site development needs. Meeting owner requirements along with planning and zoning and other design constraints can be challenging. Bell has site development experience that will help you properly utilize your land while integrating the control of stormwater runoff, utility planning, cost effective site grading and proper traffic flow. Projects completed include residential subdivisions, commercial, retail, industrial, apartment complexes and military facilities.