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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

natural gas systems

Natural gas engineering at Bell integrates the technical and commercial aspects of natural gas to provide technical skills and commercial knowledge to fill the demand in the rapidly growing natural gas industry. To do so, Bell takes a system-wide view of the full-value chain of natural gas. We have a comprehensive understanding of the supply chain for natural gas from reservoir to burner tip, including gathering, processing, transporting, storing and distributing. We understand the natural gas industry markets, legal issues, contracts, financial instruments, trading and pricing and apply that knowledge to gas projects that impact transportation systems required to deliver gas to the market.

Bell can help clients in the design and evaluation of processes and equipment used in natural gas transportation and utilization as well as applying engineering and financial analysis to address "real-world" business issues. We utilize KYGAS software for evaluation of gas distribution systems and our firm can effectively interact with engineering, commercial and management professionals in the development, evaluation and implementation of natural gas projects.