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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

funding assistance & rate analysis

Do you have improvement plans for your community or municipality? They will remain only plans until you acquire the funding necessary to bring them to completion. Bell Engineering understands the concerns that arise in funding a project and is proud to provide funding assistance to every client. We understand that you, as the owner, cannot move forward without the appropriate financial support. We have a proven success record in helping communities acquire the necessary funds and we can assist you by determining and building the funding package that best fits your needs. Some communities may use their own resources, borrow the money by issuing utility revenue bonds or solicit loans from federal and state agencies. Revenue bonds, while a common source for financing these types of improvements, place a heavy burden on utility customers.

That's where Bell steps in to help you secure additional or alternate funding. We make every attempt to find grants and low interest government agency loans for our clients' projects. Our dedicated staff consists of individuals with more than 25 years of experience in working with funding agencies. They are there every step of the way to guide our clients through the often complex loan and grant application process. Below are just a few of the agencies we are familiar with:

rate analysis
Determining feasible user rates is another important link in the funding acquisition chain. Bell has a long history of performing rate analyses to develop user rates that will support operations for both your current water, wastewater or stormwater facilities and proposed improvements to your system. Our experience in determining adequate rates will ultimately help you cover everything from operations and maintenance costs, principal and interest payments and loan administrative fees to the funding of reserves and debt service coverage. As the development of user rates may involve numerous funding sources, Bell ensures that you meet the varying requirements of the federal government agency grants and loans and helps you navigate revenue bond issues.

Additionally, Bell has the capability to allocate rates and user charges based on the cost of providing services via Wholesale Rate Analyses, System Development Charges, Wastewater User Charge Reviews and Facilities Valuations. Let our knowledge and skills help you achieve the optimal combination of funding and rates so that you may, in turn, provide the best possible service to your community.