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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

civil engineering

Community development is often complex and challenging to manage. Needed improvements and projects such as road construction, business park placement and industrial site development are often pitted against green space utilization, stream protection and preservation of historic infrastructure. In order to be a growing and forward thinking community, these issues must be addressed in a manner that meets today's needs while also considering long-term possibilities.

Bell Engineering has almost 100 years of experience balancing the fundamental way of life in many communities with the support needed for increased growth. Our team has engineered highways, structures and local streetscapes to meet the needs of a multitude of clients ranging from small towns to large cities. By ensuring your unseen infrastructure meets not only today's requirements, but also tomorrow's growth potential, we help maintain and develop community prosperity.

site development
If you are looking to redevelop or develop an underutilized industrial parcel or building the next great neighborhood in your community, our staff of planners, landscape architects and professional engineers can assist you with all of your site development needs. Meeting owner requirements along with planning and zoning and other design constraints can be challenging. Bell has site development experience that will help you properly utilize your land while integrating the control of stormwater runoff, utility planning, cost effective site grading and proper traffic flow. Projects completed include residential subdivisions, commercial, retail, industrial, apartment complexes and military facilities.

Bell Engineering provides some of the finest talent relative to GIS/GPS mapping. Knowing exactly where all the components of your system are located, day or night, is an invaluable resource to your community. Bell is highly qualified to complete site horizontal and vertical control, project stake-out and topographical and land surveying. We also offer specialized surveys such as lake sedimentation and landfill/stockpile and we can produce deliverables including 3D surface modeling and multi-surface volumes. Our staff is experienced in easement preparation, negotiation and acquisition services. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment including Topcon total stations and Trimble GPS equipment which allow us to perform field tasks in the most efficient and cost effective manner for our clients. Surveying is an integral part of the planning and execution of nearly every construction project, and you can rely on Bell to meet those needs. Bell Engineering is prequalified by the Kentucky State Transportation Cabinet in Surveying.

The integration of functional design with pleasing appearance and cost effectiveness is essential to urban designs. Bell has completed streetscapes and other transportation enhancement projects utilizing several funding sources. These include TEA-21, Safe Routes to School and Parks and Land Grants. Our staff has developed close working relationships with transportation cabinet personnel, city officials and historical preservation agencies, all of which are important to the success of these types of projects.

Governments and institutions face many unique challenges in the building, maintenance and upgrade of their facilities. Bell Engineering can assist clients with building inspections and perform structural stability analyses. Our team also has a successful history of providing design solutions for administration buildings, maintenance garages, plant and treatment train facilities. We understand that many different stakeholders often have input in these projects. Their ideas along with the ever changing and expanding regulatory requirements must be balanced with the demands of growth and development.

An important environmental issue continues to be raw sewage overflows and wastewater treatment capacities due to inflow and infiltration problems. Bell has experienced team members and equipment to monitor your collection system and locate the problematic areas. We work to apply science and engineering principles to protect water and land resources and improve wastewater management, recycling, waste disposal, environmental stability and public health issues. An important aspect of all projects includes studies on the potential environmental impact. Bell can evaluate the significance of environmental hazards and advise on treatment and containment. Our environmental engineers design advanced municipal water treatment and supply systems and industrial and municipal wastewater collection and treatment systems.